THEPHOTOWORKS is Gepy and Puri where they are a pair of husband and wife who work together and committed to serving each person who entrusted their documentation to prepare a Wedding Day. Gepy is a photographer who has a strong instinct to make a breathaking and timeless images, while Puri is a Make Up Artist who always totality in every project because her passion is on it.

THEPHOTOWORKS career journey during the last 8 years, bringing Gepy and Puri getting ripe in every job. During this time, THEPHOTOWORKS was believed to be the Official Vendor for 5-star hotels in Magelang and Yogyakarta, and became a Member of Indonesia‘s largest Wedding Portal, Bridestory. This experience also puts Gepy as an Official Photography for one Indonesia‘s Young Kebaya Designer, Intan Avantie who she is the daughter of Senior Kebaya Designer, Anne Avantie.

What has been done during the last 8 years, makes THEPHOTOWORKS more trusted and had served many clients from various regions of Indonesia such as Palembang, Balikpapan, Jakarta, Semarang and Surabaya, including serve any photoshoot in another country like Singapore.


#thephotoworks is the best moment catcher. Love it! Thanks for being my vendor in my biggest day. You rock our day!!!!!


thanks a lot #thephotoworks for THE BEST PICTURE!!! 
you guys have made our wedding become so memorable 🙂
#thephotoworks highly recommended as your wedding photographer


Kalian Extreme Bisa Diajak Menggila 😉

Kata ‘Puas’ rasanya ga cukup menggambarkan perasaan kami. Bukan hanya hasilnya, tp sejak awal ktmu lgsg ngrasa brjodoh. Kalian bisa diajak menggila, bekerja eh lebih cocok disebut bermain dg waktu persiapan mepet 1bulan doank. Kalian ga kaya vendor tapi lebih mirip pacar kami 😀 yg g perlu dijelasin byk lgsg connect dan paham bgt. Baru dibatin eee tiba2 nongol. Bahkan ngasih yg beyond our expectation. Makasih bgt udah bikin wedding kami yg extreme jadi Super extreme. Extremely Recomended


Pasangan rock & roll.. super keceehhh..
Suamii motonya ciamiikk, istri makeupnya juaraaaakk..
Puuaaasss banget, ga salaahh piliihh vendor buat prewedding kami.. Semoga berjodoh lagi di sesi foto lainnya yaahh.. *pengen nambah :))

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